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Connected Kerb

Connected Kerb is one of the UK’s leading providers of EV charging infrastructure solutions which combine power and data at kerbside to deliver convenient, reliable charging and fast fibre connection. Connected Kerb work with councils, developers, fleets and other organisations to provide tailored solutions that will help to accelerate the transition to EVs for all people.

The company has installed 1,000 chargers in 2021 and expects to have 5,500 installed across the UK, with contracts secured for 30,000 more, by the end of 2022. By 2030, the company plans to have 190,000 chargers installed, worth up to £1.9bn.

In 2021 alone Connected Kerb has secured new partnerships for 10,000 public on-street EV chargers across the UK, the majority of which will be deployed across West Sussex and Kent. The West Sussex tender is believed to be the UK’s largest ever deployment by a local authority.

The company is proud to be involved in the UK’s first smart charging trial called Agile Streets. The project aims to bring cheaper charging to EV users using a business model where they can charge their vehicle when energy is cheapest, saving them hundreds of pounds a year.

“As CEO of Connected Kerb, I get asked every week whether we can really make a full transition to electric vehicles ahead of 2030 and every time I give the same answer – we simply have to.”

INTERVIEW: Leading the charge towards EV in the community

In November of last year, Connected Kerb and West Sussex County Council announced a partnership for the installation of thousands of charging points across West Sussex. We talked to Chris Pateman-Jones, CEO of Connected Kerb to learn more about the project.

How to meet the UK’s EV charging needs by 2030

In the world of electric vehicles (EVs), two dates loom large on the horizon. 2030 will see sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles banned in the UK and by 2050 the UK aims to reach net zero emissions. Rapid EV uptake, alongside initiatives that reduce road traffic, are essential in preparing for the challenges presented by these milestones.

2022: Turning up the volume on a quiet EVolution

For most of us, the start of 2022 represented a new year like no other, and the transport industry is no different.

The 2030 Charging Point Training Challenge

The growth of Connected Kerb is no better illustrated than the increasing number of charging points that are appearing across the UK’s streets and car parks.

Thinking smarter for a greener future

Talk of smart cities conjures up visions of flying taxis, autonomous cars and supersonic speed trains – a futuristic, sustainable but seemingly distant reality from the world we live in today.

Chris Pateman-Jones, CEO is speaking on 14 June, Focus Day in:

8.15 – 9.40, Public and Residential EV charging panel
12.30 – 13.15, Robust public charging networks to service consumers and fleets Partner panel
17.00 – 18.20, Funding and Financing panel

See the timetable of the Focus Day, 14 June

Isabel James, Account Director and Ashleigh Braund, Account Director from Connected Kerb will be hosting roundtable discussions with participants on 15 June, Ambassadors’ Day:

15.05-15.50 Hybrid Presentation / Roundtable For Local Authorities

  • How to manage power load leveraging the innovation project we’ve been part of, Agile Streets, presenting use cases for it 
  • Recognising the recommendation around accessibility and how to manage it / handle it.

15.50-16.35 Hybrid Presentation / Roundtable For Residential and Commercial Developers

  • How to navigate electric vehicle charging challenges and gain an advantage in the process 
  • We’ll present a short 10-15 min case use about the Wichelstowe development that we work with Barratt on

See the timetable of the Ambassadors’ Day, 15 June

The team from Connected Kerb will be exhibiting on 14 and 15 June.

If you would like to meet with Chris Pateman-Jones and his colleagues please register here using our registration form here quoting CONNECT-EV1 to get 50% off