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Electricity connections are complex by nature. Our job is to make everything simpler. How do we do it? By bringing together a team of experienced, friendly experts who know the electricity industry inside out. As a licensed Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO) we provide you with an effective alternative to using your local DNO. This means that Developers, Contractors and ICPs get significant benefits over the standard DNO connection to the National Grid – all delivered by a team of highly experienced experts in the electricity connections industry. Put it all together and we’re the people who deliver what you need. Electricity connections. Simplified.  

EV Infrastructure activity: 

  • 1. Smooth and fast electricity connections for EV Charging Infrastructure. We’ve helped hundreds of EV charging stations get connected to the electricity grid. We understand that getting a connection up and running quickly is vital. At Eclipse Power Networks, we can provide the connection you need, rapidly, without cutting corners on quality of design. We work to similar standards as DNOs, but as an IDNO we can be a lot more flexible. Reducing the barriers to connection is crucial. We’re here to make every step of the journey as smooth as possible.
  • 2. EV infrastructure connection projects have to deal with lots of hurdles. Our job is to make your connection as smooth and as quick as possible – including in-house co-ordination of the necessary legal work. Along the way, we’ll keep up to date with how your project is progressing, we work closely with you to deliver the best solution that still meets our adoptable standards. And, of course, we can provide competitive Asset Values as part of our offer. 
  • 3. We do this by bringing together a team of experienced, friendly experts who know the electricity industry inside out and know how to speed up the connection process. The result: innovative solutions based on expert knowledge, practical industry experience, personal service, and creative thinking. All working together to deliver rapid connections.



Get connected. Fast.

Revolutionising Electricity Networks for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Electric Vehicles (EVs), the spotlight has shifted to a crucial yet sometimes overlooked aspect of the EV revolution: electricity networks.

David Swadling, Director of Customer Connection Development, Eclipse Power Networks and the team joined Optimal Charging: Leaders or Followers as an Exhibitor on 27 March 2024.

David spoke on a panel “Infrastructure and power supply for charging EVs. DNO and Transmission operator views.”

Eclipse team offered expert Roundtable Workshop on:

1. Overcoming challenges to getting connected to the grid workshop led by Jamie Aspin, Business Development Manager, Eclipse Power, Eclipse Power Networks addressing:

• EVCP installations are time critical. What are the potential stumbling blocks to delivery? Grid Applications, Legals, Streetworks, Communication, Cost, Speed, Flexibility. challenges that in the worst case can stall a project.

IDNO’s are by nature flexible and can react quickly to customers’ demands. We offer innovative design solutions that are unrestricted by the local DNO standards – we look to innovate and encourage innovation and value engineering opportunities. We are often willing to make compromises or concessions on what’s ideal and find workable practical solutions that can be considered on a site-specific basis as required.

Team in attendance:

Ben Jones – Head of Business Development, Distribution

Jamie Aspin – Business Development Manager

Shay Barde – Business Development Manager

If you would like to connect with David and his Team please contact them via event app. As a non-participant please contact  the team via their website.