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Founded in 2009, Heliox is a market leader in fast- charging systems within public transport, e-trucks, passenger vehicles, marine, mining and port equipment. In 2017, the company installed one of Europe’s first and largest fast-charging networks for the e-bus fleet in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Over the past years, has created ‘model city’ energy ecosystems around the world in Den Bosch, Netherlands, Glasgow, Scotland and Montgomery County, Maryland (USA).

Operating globally, the company is headquartered in Veldhoven, the Netherlands with local presence in Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Moldova and the United States.


Future-proof rapid charging solutions powering a cleaner tomorrow.

Erik Van Beusekom, Director of Business Development, Heliox Energy and the team joined Optimal Charging: Leaders or Followers as Law Practice Sponsor on 27 March 2024.

Erik made a keynote address on the panel: Industrial charging and the challenges for depot electrification and accessibility to other users.

Heliox team offered an expert Roundtable Workshop addressing:

1. Powering A Cleaner Tomorrow: Leveraging Dual-Use Infrastructure and Addressing Grid Congestion Challenges

Heliox Brief: As the momentum of the e-mobility transition gathers pace, the journey towards widespread adoption encounters its share of challenges. However, amidst these obstacles lie promising opportunities for pioneering solutions and collaborative ventures with industry frontrunners. Join as Heliox shares their innovative approach to dual-use charging infrastructures, alongside their strategies for navigating the complexities of grid congestion. Discover how innovation and strategic partnerships are shaping the future of sustainable transportation.

Team in attendance:

Stephen Wood, Country Lead UK & Ireland, Heliox Energy 

Paul Middlemiss, Sales Engineer, UK & Ireland, Heliox Energy

If you would like to connect with Erik and his Team please contact them via event app. As a non-participant please contact  the team via their website.