ADOPT NET-ZERO by Adrian Keen, CEO, InstaVolt


“The time for action is now. 27% of the UK’s total emissions are transport related* and by shifting to electric, we can make an impact in reducing those emissions today. While we have seen great strides towards EV adoption in recent years, more needs to be done to limit any hesitation drivers may have towards their next vehicle being electric. This hesitation is borne out of concerns that there is insufficient charging infrastructure. We have an opportunity today to give prospective EV adopters the confidence they need to switch to electric.

Businesses and local authorities have a huge role to play in supporting the public in making the switch by making their land available as charging locations. A full array of business models exist to support the transition, to the mutual benefit of all parties – from site operators and landowners hosting charging equipment – through to drivers.

Improved charging infrastructure is needed so that drivers aren’t concerned about where their next charge will be, whether it’s to be carried out at home, a hotel or as drivers go about their business at leisure and retail sites.

Engaging with the EV Charging Infrastructure Focus and Ambassadors’ Day and investing in this technology will not only support those in their journey towards purchasing an EV, but also support the net-zero commitments you have.”

Adrian Keen, Chief Executive Officer, InstaVolt

InstaVolt is the leading owner-operated network of rapid electric vehicle chargers in the UK. With more than 750+ rapid charging stations live or in construction, and a growing number of high-profile corporate partners, including Costa Coffee, KFC, McDonald’s and The Bannatyne Group, the company is planning to install 10,000 installed chargers in the next ten years to support the shift to an electrified transport system.

The company’s fully funded model means landowners, local authorities and site operators can benefit from reliable rapid charging on their site at no up-front or ongoing operating costs, and generate a rental income as well as benefit from substantial additional footfall.

The network has an industry leading reputation for reliability and ease of use, delivering confidence to drivers to enable them to switch to EV. It is now diversifying its target market to support the electrification of corporate fleets needing a reliable public charging solution. Already a number of household names use the InstaVolt network to support their public charging needs.

The company has recently announced an expansion to one of its most popular charging hubs, in which it will double the number of chargers at Stroud Park, Banbury, in reaction to increasing uptake of electric vehicles and the subsequent need for more rapid charging options throughout the UK. This year the company launched new hardware capable of charging at up to 120kW to the network, and early next year will introduce 150kW chargers, enabling drivers to add 150 miles of range in less than 15 minutes. In another technological development, 160kW chargers will be deployed during 2022.

Adrian Keen, CEO is speaking on 14 June, Focus Day in:

12.30 – 13.15, Robust public charging networks to service consumers and fleets Partner panel

16.00 – 16.50, Destination Charging panel

See the timetable of the Focus Day, 14 June

See the timetable of the Ambassadors’ Day, 15 June

The team from InstaVolt will be exhibiting on 14 and 15 June.

If you would like to meet with Adrian Keen and his colleagues please register here using our registration form here quoting IVOLT-EV1 to get 50% off