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“When you look at standard infrastructure that is being deployed around the world right now, it does its job and charges electric vehicles. The problem comes from the economics of these chargers because the install, the maintenance, the operation, the life of them is the serious issue that lies in charging market today. Chargers are currently sold as a product and the awareness of this is important because the industry is deploying chargers as a product in an infrastructure environment. These means customers will have short term warranties on components and that is not good enough for the long term. Reliability and lifetime is absolutely critical to all stakeholders. At Petalite, we developed a new innovative technology called SDC, built from the ground up. It is highly patented which means Petalite is the only company  globally who can provide a solution to many industry pains felt daily by all stakeholders. Our SDC technology is highly reliable, highly modular and can last the test of time when it comes to charging electric vehicles over the next 30 years.

 Petalite is predicted to make a significant, game-changing impact on the electric vehicle industry. This is because we have designed everything in-house. We’re at the beginning of our commercial rollout and we believe that we have the best technology compared to anybody else in the electric vehicle charging market. Petalite solves the problems that we are seeing day-to-day by electric vehicle drivers. We are backed by our innovative technology, our patent portfolio, in-house developed software and firmware and a highly skilled technical and business development team. 2022 is a critical year in the electric vehicle charging industry, it will potentially shape the next 100 years of transportation and this is why Petalite exists”

 Leigh Purnell, Founder and CEO of Petalite


Petalite is an award-winning, innovative electric vehicle charging company who have engineered a break-through technology called SDC which confidently solves customer and EV driver pains related to ‘charge anxiety’. SDC charges cars, HGVs, and aircraft and will benefit CPOs, energy companies, local authorities, commercial businesses, and fleet operators. This unique charging technology meets the 99% reliability standards set by the UK government for rapid charge points

Petalite have received private investment and developed key partnerships to bring this essential SDC technology to the public charging market. With infrastructure that lasts up to 30 years, it benefits from quick installation and high scalability. Their PowerCores (modules) can be infinitely stacked like Lego bricks and simply upgraded when the future inevitably demands more power. Due to its built-in multiple redundancy system, Petalite’s chargers can actively switch in new PowerCores to compensate a power loss, resulting in a highly trustworthy charge experience for EV drivers.

A vertically integrated approach means Petalite have developed and managed every stage of the charger design, including hardware design, software management and firmware updates. This means customers benefit from advanced protection in cyber security. 

Petalite’s chargers are low cost for the future, and this is by means of their long-term (15-25 years) ‘Charging as a Service’ (CaaS) contract which increases future reliability and as a result, customers revenue potential increases too. Petalite’s charging hardware features standard commodity parts. As a result, Petalite aims to repair, not replace hardware and this ultimately reduces waste.

2022 will see Petalite quickly progressing to become a world-leading solution to electric vehicle charging. Their much-anticipated SDC brings innovation, 99% reliability as standard and low future cost to the global electric vehicle charging industry.

Leigh Purnell, Founder and CEO is speaking on 14 June, Focus Day in:

9.40 – 11.00, Fleet Charging panel

12.30 – 13.15, Robust public charging networks to service consumers and fleets Partner panel

See the timetable of the Focus Day, 14 June

And on 15 June, The Ambassadors’ Day:

12.45 – 13.30, Leading the UK’s fleet electrification transition. Going faster together than alone panel

Leigh Purnell, Founder and CEO and Paul Khullar, Chief of Staff will also be hosting roundtable discussions with participants on 15 June, Ambassadors’ Day:

15.05-15.50 and 15.50-16.35 The importance of long-life infrastructure, how to make money from charging and how technology will solve ‘charge anxiety’ 

Ultra Rapid DC chargers must be able to make a return on investment for the charger operator; this is a challenge in an industry where charging technology is stagnating with limited improvements on hardware life and warranty offerings. There are two main paths to profitability as an operator, a drastic change in the technology and vertical integration of hardware, software, maintenance and payment services.
Petalite’s Ultra-reliable SDC chargers offer a new revenue model and are a step change in this market with a predicted 17 year life and a usage based contract. Petalite are also vertically integrated, which benefits operators as every step for them, from manufacturing to installation, maintenance, payment and robust cyber security services.
If you are looking to create a business model out of DC charging, it’s important for you to join our round table so we can discuss how Petalite can solve the business model and make you money through highly reliable and long-life charging infrastructure for the future. 

See the timetable of the Ambassadors’ Day, 15 June

The team from Petalite will be exhibiting on 14 and 15 June.

If you would like to meet with Leigh Purnell and his colleagues please register here using our registration form here quoting PETA-EV1 to get 50% off