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Liberty Charge Ltd

Zest is one of the UK’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charge point operators (CPOs), specialising in the deployment and management of EV charging infrastructure for commercial landowners and local authorities.

Our mission is to make the shift to EV a realistic option for everyone, by offering convenient, reliable and accessible EV charging. We handle the entire process—from funding and installation to management and maintenance—eliminating risks and financial barriers.

Zest is backed by the government-sponsored £420m Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund (CIIF). We invest in larger projects that anticipate future demand and guarantee long-term service with financial security. We deliver essential EV infrastructure at speed, enabling our partners to make timely and effective contributions to their net zero strategies.

Zest is a trusted partner of major retail destinations including Metrocentre and Merry Hill and has a well-established reputation for managing large-scale projects with Transport for London and Hackney Borough Council.

As a certified B Corporation, Zest has met rigorous social and environmental standards that represent our commitment to goals outside of shareholder profit. The EV infrastructure industry is growing and maturing rapidly, and Zest’s B Corp certification signals a shift towards greater accountability and transparency in the sector.





Paul Ford, Chief Development Officer, Zest and the team joined Optimal Charging: Leaders or Followers as Public Charging Panel Sponsor on 27 March 2024.

Paul made Presentation “How does the EV experience impact customer behaviours and why it is important to ensure that the EV network aligns with their expectations” and a keynote address on the paneln addressing Public charging.

Zest team offered expert Roundtable Workshops addressing:

Zest workshops:

1. An experience exchange to understand the factors that shape EV charger deployments in the private sector that maximise site attraction, maintain site relevance long term, and deliver value.

An interactive roundtable with Rhys Harrington-Jones, Private Sector Sales Director from Zest who continue to deliver at multiple retail and leisure destinations nationally at scale and pace.

Topics covered in this session were:

• Understanding the charger mix based on current and future site visitor profiles using data as the guide

• How EV charging can be planned to grow in line with your site’s development

• Working in Partnership to deliver the best outcome

• How EV charging deployments and partners can support delivering social value

• Understanding RC59 and managing perceived risk

• How PAS 1899 considerations can support visitor attraction

2. Challenges and lessons learned when delivering public sector EV deployments at scale. An interactive roundtable with Louis Field, Public Sector Strategic Partnership Manager from Zest who are delivering one of the most ambitious on-street roll out in the UK with Hackney Borough Council. And the on-street DC roll-out for Tfl.

Topics covered in this session were:

• Working in Partnership to deliver the best outcome

• Incorporating Social Value into your project

• Understanding right charger right place – (bigger isn’t always better)

• Thinking about PAS1899 where possible

Team in attendance:

Rhys Harrington-Jones, Private Sector Sales Director, Zest
Louis Field, Public Sector Strategic Partnership Manager, Zest

If you would like to connect with Paul and his Team please contact them via event app. As a non-participant please contact  the team via their website.