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Cornwall holiday apartments gain managed service for EV charging

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Cornwall holiday apartments gain “no-cost, no-hassle” managed service for EV charging

My Sleepy Hollow owner provides EV charging for guests with no commercial risk and the assurance of long-term reliability.

My Sleepy Hollow is a set of luxury apartments near the peaceful village of Sevenstones in Cornwall. Set at the edge of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it provides stunning views over the Tamar Valley and across to Plymouth Sound in the distance. With a clientele passionate about renewables and low carbon energy, owner Richard McGerther was receiving ever more enquiries about EV charging facilities. He knew it was time act.

“Providing EV charging at My Sleepy Hollow was not a tick box exercise for us. We needed a solution that worked well for our guests but that also aligns with our core values. We’re serious about carbon reduction and what we can do to reduce our impact on future generations.”

The building was designed from the outset for energy efficiency and low carbon operation. It features the highest standards of insulation and receives power from 48 solar panels on the roof, with heating and hot water provided by two ground source heat pumps.

Richard was looking to minimise upfront costs and acquire a reliable long-term solution that would be fully supported, leaving him free to concentrate on running the business – so Zest’s no-cost managed service was a natural fit. Zest takes care of the entire project, not only providing the equipment, but also committing to maintain charge points and support drivers for at least 15 years.

“Zest came highly recommended. They listened and understood our business needs and came up with an intelligent solution. It was a positive experience all round.

The Zest commercial model made sense because there are no costs for us. Committing to a long-term arrangement was reassuring, because it also means a long-term commitment from Zest for support and maintenance.”

Underwritten by the government’s Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund (CIIF), Zest provides installation and long-term management of public EV charge points at no cost to the landowner.

“We now have a good-looking accessible solution that integrates with the surroundings. Guests find it easy to use, providing charging times ideally aligned with their stay, and I have the reassurance of a reliable system supported by experts.

Most of all, we now have an asset that will mean more visitors to the area choose My Sleepy Hollow. We have taken no commercial risks and because Zest operates the charge points I am free to concentrate on growing my business.”

Robin Heap, CEO at Zest, believes that many hospitality owners will follow the example set by trailblazers like Richard at My Sleepy Hollow.

“My experience is that most landowners underestimate the complexity of providing safe and reliable EV charging facilities. It starts with grant applications, specialist site works and electrical connectivity. Then it moves on to supporting drivers, managing payments and the long-term responsibility of providing a reliable service and ongoing statutory maintenance.

Without ongoing expert services, the risk of delays, cost overruns and major distractions from the core business are very high. Our solution is a natural fit for customer-focused hospitality owners because it takes away all the costs and risks, leaving a long-term competitive asset for the business.”

Are you a hospitality business looking to provide quality EV charging without the costs or the hassle? Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Zest is a new venture backed by Zouk Capital and the UK Government’s Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund (CIIF). Our mission is to democratise EV adoption by rapidly filling the gaps in public charging infrastructure. We’re quickly growing a network that makes fast charging available where people normally park, whether it is on-street, at work, when shopping or at leisure.

For landowners such as local authorities, enterprises and parking operators, Zest removes all of the financial and operational barriers to committing to large-scale charger deployments. This includes everything from planning and installing the chargers to ongoing maintenance.

As a team, we have the experience and engineering pedigree to deliver high quality end-to-end solutions. We believe that by taking action today to improve access to public charging, we can accelerate the shift to EV and help create a sustainable zero carbon future. We’re also committed to renewable energy, and in supporting local suppliers to deliver local solutions.

Robin Heap, CEO is speaking on 14 June at EVCI2022 Focus Day in:

12.30 – 13.15, Robust public charging networks to service consumers and fleets Partner panel

16.00 – 16.50, Destination Charging panel

See the timetable of the Focus Day, 14 June

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The team from Zest will be exhibiting on 14 and 15 June.

If you would like to meet with Robin Heap and his colleagues please register here using our registration form here quoting ZEST-EV1  to get 50% off